Rudel's highly trained team is available to handle all types of disaster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Staff are experienced to handle all types of property loss caused by:
  • hurricanes
  • tornadoes
  • earthquakes
  • hail storms
  • wind damage
  • flood damage
  • fire damage
  • smoke damage
  • Have You Experienced Water, Fire, or Storm Damage?
  • We Provide Damage Restoration Services

Property Damage Restoration - Commercial and Residential Property Damage Restoration

Rudel Construction and Restoration Specialists takes pride in treating each customer as if they were a member of our family. We provide quality water mitigation, cleaning, and restoration services. This often includes carpentry, plumbing, heating,& cooling, electrical, drywall, painting, cabinetry, and flooring.

When you call Rudel you can rest assured that your home will be handled with care and compassion. Our experienced staff will arrive quickly, and work with your insurance company to get you back in your home or business efficiently and quickly. We promise to treat your home or business as if it was our own.

From leaky faucets to fire damage, our clean up and board up crews will respond quickly, mitigating the damage and restoring your home after a fire or water damage event - Rudel can handle all your home and business service needs. We are fast, reliable and recommended. That means our customers can rest easy knowing their needs will be taken care. Our team is prepared to provide:

  1. Licensed and certified (IIRC) water removal specialists on staff to dry out your home before mold and micro-organisms begin to grow
  2. Board up crews to secure your property from vandalism and theft.
  3. Licensed insurance adjusters to handle interaction with your insurance company - "WE'RE ON YOUR SIDE!"

We also provide remodeling services including kitchen and bath remodeling, new room additions and more. Whether you are a residential customer, commercial customer or insurance professional, we have experienced professionals ready to serve you.

If you have experienced water, fire or other damage and require emergency services, please call our main toll free line 800-800-4610 or alternatively you can call our Dallas Local line 972-499-4109 and someone will assist you right away.

We have expanded our coverage areas to provide service to these new locations: Houston and suburbs, Kansas City, San Francisco.

Property damage restoration teams don't get much better than Rudel Construction. Experts in repairing, salvaging and fixing damaged homes and business properties that have been hit by storms, hail and high winds, we are the one-stop solution to all your restoration needs. We arrive at your building within a few hours, inspect your premises, liaise with insurers to evaluate the level of damage and set up a restoration program.

Water damage

Rain and hail storms can cause cracks and crevices to appear in the structural make-up of your home or place of business. We can fix gaps in gutters and roofs as well as repair smashed windows and fissures in pipes so that water is prevented from seeping into your building and ruining your furniture, flooring and belongings. Burst water pipes and broken appliances like dishwashers, HVAC units and fridges can also leak, leading to mold and bacterial growth. Save your goods, retail stock and documents from experiencing the devastating effects of rot and decay by calling the experts today. We will remove carpets, utilize dehumidification equipment and dry out your building in a week.

Storm damage

Disaster recovery is our forte, which means we can handle any kind of storm damage faced by commercial and residential properties of all sizes. Hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy snow fall and hail storms can cause structural damage to window trims, roofs and gutters as well as spoil patio furniture, screens and shingles. We can repair all areas using specialist technology and tools that remove moisture from wet walls and carpets in addition to relocating the contents of your home to a safe premise where they can be mended or dried off.

Smoke and fire damage

A fire can devastate a building, leaving it unrecognizable to owners and customers. However, we can take care of the clean up process from start to finish - that includes removing furniture and debris to refurbishing electronic equipment and cleaning the exterior of your space. We will initiate an odor control system to reduce smells so that you can gain control of your home or business once again. We won't let a fire ruin your livelihood or your lifestyle.

Emergency repairs

When an emergency strikes you need help fast and you need it from an expert source that can be trusted to do the job efficiently and comprehensively. As soon as we receive your emergency call our restoration crew will head out to your building to fix frozen pipes, faulty air conditioning systems, broken windows or wet flooring. We even handle the damage created by break-ins, hurricanes, hail storms and heavy rains as well as prepare your commercial or residential space for the onset of unusual weather patterns that are making they way over to your area. From boarding up windows and preparing a building for snowfall to hurricane prep and hail damage prevention, our technicians have it covered.